Best Block-Based WordPress Themes for Full-Site Editing in 2023

8 Best Block-Based WordPress Themes for Full-Site Editing in 2023

Picture creating a website as simple as stacking Lego blocks, this is what block-based WordPress themes for full-site editing are all about. They have made it so easy to create and personalize websites!

Making a website once used to require many templates and editing. Everything changed after WordPress 5.9’s full site editing. You can now make all your websites from the top to the bottom with incredible flexibility and creativity.

WordPress is all about block-based themes. Let’s take a close look into these themes that make the whole process of website designing easy and enjoyable, just like playing with building blocks!

What are Block-Based WordPress Themes

Block-based WordPress themes are a new and convenient means of designing websites. They are like a set of building blocks that facilitate the creation and customization of websites. In the past, developing a site meant the use of templates and complex editors. By using these themes, you could design your whole website, from the top header to the bottom footer, just by adding blocks, like building with Lego.

Blocks constitute content parts like text, pictures, videos, and buttons. These blocks are easy to move, rearrange, and customize in order to create the website that you are comfortable to use. It is as simple as dragging and dropping! Block-based WordPress themes are the best since you do not need to be a coding expert. These interfaces are simple, easy to learn, and intuitive, thus allowing anyone, even a technology beginner, to develop a website.

These themes use WordPress’ full-site editing capability and allow you to customize every aspect of your website. Whether you are creating a personal blog, an online store, or a portfolio website, block-based themes give you the freedom of creativity and flexibility required to differentiate your web page from others.

Advantages of Using Block-Based FSE Themes for Your Website.

Web design is a dynamic sphere and one must be up to date to come out with a really outstanding website. With block-based full-site editing (FSE) themes, the reason for that is clear; these themes will make an outstanding online presence.

Flexibility: FSE themes based on block-based give you unlimited flexibility. They facilitate creating, customizing, and rearranging various elements on your website. When it comes to tinkering with the layout, adding or modifying content, or trying out new designs, these themes give you full control.

User-Friendly: If you are not a whiz at coding, you can still master block-based themes for FSE. This intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables users to customize websites regardless of their skills. This makes it user-friendly and leaves you free to concentrate on creative ideas, not technicalities.

Content Management: FSE themes of block–based content, make handling of content an easy process. A block encapsulates each piece of content, be it text, image, video, or widget. This modular approach facilitates content management and enables easy updates and revisions.

Responsive Design: Responsive design is a must-have in the modern mobile-centric world. FSE themes based on blocks prioritize the responsiveness of the site which provides you with the possibility to make your site as it is necessary in order to be functional and look well on various devices and screens. Such a commitment to mobile-friendliness enhances user experience and SEO rankings.

Visual Consistency: The themes provide a design framework for visual cohesion in the development of a consistent design. Using its large set of pre-designed layout blocks, templates, and patterns, keeping your website’s look harmonious and well-polished becomes automatic.

SEO Benefits: Online visibility relies on the importance of search engine optimization. SEO best practice is incorporated into the design of block-based FSE themes, resulting in a website whose structure and content are optimized for search engines. This may improve the rankings and the organic traffic.

Creativity: Block-based FSE themes that allow you to embrace your creative side. They encourage experimentation and innovation, urging to think outside the box and create a website that truly reflects your distinct vision and brand image.

Our Picks for 8 Best Block-Based WordPress Themes for Full-Site Editing in 2023


FotaWP by CozyThemes is undeniably one of the most impressive block-based full-site editing themes available, offering an extensive range of over 130+ pre-built patterns and 40+ advanced Elementor widgets for remarkable customization. Its compatibility with Full Site Editing (FSE) and Elementor provides users with flexibility, while the inclusion of 28+ pre-built demos simplifies the process of starting your website. What sets FotaWP apart is that it supports popular plugins like Elementor, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and more ensuring essential functionalities.

Remarkably, most of its features are offered for free, making it accessible, and its premium options come at a reasonable cost compared to competitors. FotaWP is accessible to users of all skill levels, and its versatility covers niches of all kinds, from agencies to bloggers, backed by excellent support and documentation, making it one of the best choices as a block-based FSE theme. Discover more at FotaWP.

Key features:

  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Supports both FSE and Elementor
  • 28+ Pre-Built Demos
  • Plugin Compatibility
  • Cost-efficient
  • 8 Multiple Style Variations
  • Excellent Support
  • Video and Written Documentation
  • 5 Pre-build Homepage Ready to use patterns 
  • Inner page Templates Pattern (Pro)
  • 130+ Stunning Patterns Library
  • Advanced WooCommmerce Patterns
  • Advanced Magazine Blocks

Neve FSE:

For those who are eager to make the most of full-site editing (FSE), Neve FSE is an ideal choice. It is important to note that, Neve FSE is designed exclusively for Full site editing, which leads to a more forward-looking design approach. It’s modern and minimalistic style is very in tune with the requirements of the current web design. Coming in a diverse variety of patterns, it serves many purposes ranging from blogs, and small businesses to startups, agencies, e-commerce ventures, and personal websites, to mention a few. In addition, Neve FSE comes with various style versions that are customizable to match your preferred taste. Therefore, as a result, Neve FSE’s commitment to FSE, its malleable patterns, and its flexibility are all reasons why Neve FSE is an enticing choice for anyone looking for an up-to-date, modern, and feature-rich theme for their websites.

Key features:

  • Exclusive Focus on Full Site Editing (FSE)
  • Modern and Minimalistic Design
  • Wide Range of Patterns
  • Versatile
  • Multiple Style Variations
neve fse


BlockVerse is an exceptional choice for those seeking a versatile Full Site Editing (FSE) theme, offering over 10 home sections and 15+ beautiful patterns to create a wide range of functional websites. Its minimal, clean design suits businesses, personal brands, creative projects, and blogs, while a repository of 60+ premium patterns further improves its visual appeal. With a powerful feature set, including sections for hero banners, portfolios, calls-to-action, testimonials, and teams, BlockVerse empowers users to craft engaging websites with ease, making it an ideal selection for those looking to make a strong online presence. Explore BlockVerse’s potential at BlockVerse Homepage.

Key Features:

  • More Than 10 Home Sections
  • 15+ Beautiful Patterns
  • Minimal, Clean Design
  • 60+ Premium Patterns
  • Powerful Feature Set

Catch FSE:

For those looking for a Free WordPress Block Theme for Full Site Editing (FSE), there are only a few better options than Catch FSE. It features an excellent responsive minimal design and allows selecting between Dark and Light color schemes with WordPress 6.0’s Global Styles. This theme is very flexible, fitting a wide range of websites – from blogs to corporate sites. Designed specifically with regard to Full Site Editing, Catch FSE gives you the power to customize each page of your site with colors, typography, and layout, for a unique and personalized online presence. Catch FSE is equipped with numerous block options, which include 15 block patterns, 15 FSE Templates, and nine Template Parts. It also comprises special blocks including About Us and Call to Action.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Minimal Design
  • Global Styles for Color Scheme Selection
  • Versatile Suitability for Various Website Types
  • Full Site Editing Focus for Customization Control
  • Plenty of Block Patterns and Templates
catch fse

Spectra One:

Spectra One is an excellent choice because it is designed to be super easy to use, even if you’re not a tech expert. It gives you complete control over how your website looks and works, which is perfect whether you’re running a blog, showcasing your work, or managing a business site. And the best part? Spectra One makes your website look really polished and professional, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. So, whether you’re a blogger, an artist, a small business owner, or anyone in between, Spectra One has you covered to create a website that’s uniquely yours and impresses your visitors.

Key features:

  • Block Styling
  • Attractive Patterns
  • Sidebar Support
  • Responsive Controls
spectra one

Paloma FSE:

Paloma FSE is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to create a unique and personalized website. This modern theme is built on a block-based design, making it incredibly user-friendly with the WordPress Blocks Editor. It is fully committed to Full Site Editing, aligning perfectly with WordPress 5.9’s latest features. With Paloma FSE, you have the power to customize every aspect of your website, from colors to typography and page layout, ensuring it suits your exact needs. Paloma FSE provides you with the flexibility and creative control to craft a website that truly reflects your style and purpose, and the best part is that it’s absolutely free! So, if you’re looking for an easy and versatile way to build your online presence, Paloma FSE is an excellent choice.

Key features:

  • Block-Based Design
  • Full Site Editing Compatibility
  • Customizable Colors
  • Typography Control
  • Page Layout Flexibility
paloma fse

Echelon FSE:

Echelon FSE is a modern and responsive theme designed specifically for WordPress full-site editing. It’s also fully compatible with the Gutenverse plugin. This theme is perfect for businesses, consultancies, and corporate websites, making it versatile for various purposes. The best part is that it includes both the core version and the Gutenverse plugin version, along with ready-made block patterns. This means you can easily customize your website without starting from scratch, saving you time and effort. Echelon FSE aims to make your experience with WordPress full-site editing as convenient as possible, ensuring you have the tools you need to create a professional and engaging website.

Key Features:

  • Modern and Responsive Design
  • Compatibility with WordPress Full-Site Editing
  • Full Compatibility with the Gutenverse Plugin
  • Ready-Made Core and Gutenverse Block Patterns
  • Time-Saving Templates 
echelon fse

Sparkle FSE:

Sparkle FSE brings the next generation of website design to your fingertips. With the Full Site Editing concept, it lets you have complete control over your website’s design using the new Theme Editor. This means you’re not limited to changing just colors and fonts; you can also tweak the layout and modify global sections like the header and footer. Whether you’re creating a personal blog, a business website, or an online portfolio, Sparkle FSE offers limitless possibilities for customization. It’s a fantastic Full Site Editing theme that gives you the freedom to craft your website exactly as you envision it, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stand out in the online world.

Key features:

  • Full Site Editing Concept
  • Complete Control with Theme Editor
  • Customization of Colors, Fonts, Layout, Header, and Footer
  • Versatility for Building Any Type of Website
  • Next-Generation Website Design
sparkle fse

Pricing Table:

ThemeFree VersionPremium Version
FotaWPStarts from $39.99
Neve FSEStarts from $99
BlockVerseStarts from $49
Catch FSEStarts from $79.99
Spectra OneStarts from $49
Paloma FSEStarts from $59.99
Echelon FSE
Sparkle FSE


In conclusion, block-based WordPress themes for full-site editing have revolutionized website creation in 2023 and provided an easy-to-use and flexible way of creating websites. The benefits are ease of customization, effective content management, responsive design, SEO optimization, and enhanced creativity.

For 2023, our choice for the top eight best block-based WordPress themes includes FotaWP, Neve FSE, BlockVerse, Catch FSE, Spectra One, Paloma FSE, Echelon FSE, and Sparkle FSE.

These themes are helpful in creating good-looking, functioning, and flexible for future changes websites. Whether you are an expert or not, block-based themes can help you create an original and distinctive presence, allowing you to design a website in the simplest and most pleasurable way you can imagine, like playing with building blocks. Try these new themes and start your web design journey today.

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