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WordPress Full Site Editing: Why is it Better?


The release of WordPress 5.9 introduced a groundbreaking feature called Full Site Editing (FSE), reshaping the landscape of website customization. Gone are the days of relying on pre-designed themes or complex coding to modify the design and functionality of a WordPress website. In this article, we will delve deeper into the concept of WordPress Full Site Editing, exploring its key features and discussing why it represents a significant leap forward in website customization.

**We are using FotaWP for the demonstration**

Understanding WordPress Full Site Editing:

Full Site Editing revolutionizes the way users interact with their websites by providing a comprehensive canvas for customization. It is built upon the foundation of the Gutenberg project, which introduced the block editor to WordPress. Full Site Editing extends the block editor to cover all aspects of a website, allowing users to modify and arrange blocks to create the entire layout of their site.

Benefits of Full Site Editing:

Design Flexibility: Full Site Editing expands the design possibilities for WordPress users. It allows for creative exploration in customizing every aspect of a website, including headers, footers, sidebars, and more. Users can freely experiment with layouts, colors, and typography choices to achieve their desired visual aesthetic.

Intuitive and Visual Editing: With Full Site Editing, customization becomes intuitive and visual. Users can drag and drop blocks, adjust settings, and instantly see the changes reflected in real-time. This streamlined editing process eliminates the need to constantly switch between back-end and front-end views, providing a smoother and more efficient workflow.

Full Control Over Site Structure: In the past, modifying structural elements of a website, such as a header or a footer, required coding expertise or complex theme customization. Full Site Editing lets users create and modify these key areas easily, giving them full control over their site’s structure without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

Easy Theme Customization: Full Site Editing simplifies theme customization by allowing users to easily modify and create unique templates for different sections of their website. This means that users can have focused and custom designs for various pages, such as blog posts, landing pages, or product pages, upgrading the overall user experience.

Made for Speed: Lastly, Full Site Editors (FSEs) are renowned for their exceptional speed. They have minimal excess code, optimal configurations, and a remarkable ability to process requests significantly faster than traditional WordPress themes. It’s worth noting, however, that hosting plays a crucial role. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a reputable hosting provider that includes caching, stays compatible with the latest PHP version, and ideally provides cloud hosting alternatives.

Key Features of Full Site Editing:

Global Styles, and theme.json: Full Site Editing introduces Global Styles, where users can define and manage consistent visual styles across their entire website. These styles include elements like colors, typography, and spacing. The theme.json file centralizes customization settings, enabling efficient and consistent styling control. In the theme FotaWP, there are 8 amazing global style variations you can choose from.

Global Styles and theme.json

Template Editing: With Full Site Editing, users can create and edit templates, which serve as the foundation for various page types on their website. The block-based interface enables users to arrange individual blocks within a template, offering flexibility in constructing unique layouts.

template editing

Custom Block Creation: Full Site Editing allows users to create custom blocks that can be used across their website. This capability opens up endless possibilities for advanced functionality and dynamic content, ensuring that users have the tools to achieve their specific website objectives.

custom block creation

Block Patterns and Reusability: Full Site Editing provides ready-to-use Block Patterns, which are blocks or collections of blocks that have been pre-designed and styled. These enable users to quickly add visually appealing and functional elements to their websites. Moreover, the reusability aspect of blocks and patterns allows for consistent branding and design throughout the site.

block patterns and reusability


Despite these numerous advantages of FSE, the availability of full-site editing themes remains somewhat limited. While there is a huge number of WordPress themes accessible, the number of FSE themes available is currently quite small, hovering around 400. This is because the foundation for FSE is built upon Gutenberg blocks, which were introduced in 2018. Initially, these blocks were limited to the content area of websites, such as posts and pages. However, FSE themes extend this functionality to every element of the theme. To sum it up, the downside of FSE themes is that there just aren’t many of them. As FSE themes continue to rise and developers release them rapidly, we can anticipate them covering the WordPress directory with themes across various niches sooner than expected.

FSE Themes

Even though there are around 400 FSE themes on the market, you need to know which ones are the best for you to create a beautiful website. We recommend trying these professional FSE themes:


FotaWP is one of the most popular FSE themes currently in the WordPress theme directory. It has gained over 800+ active installations just two months into the release. With FotaWP being a multi-purpose theme, you can take advantage of the theme no matter if you are an individual, a start-up, or an agency looking to expand your business. FotaWP is also compatible with Elementor and supports all the modern plugins like Yoast SEO, WooCommmerce, Contact Form 7, and many more, so you have no limit in customizing your website to its full extent. FotaWP’s free plan covers most of the essential packages for you to build a beautiful and functional website but if you would like to take your site to the next level, its premium plan is one of the best and most affordable in the market.

FotaWP cover


Single Site25 SitesUnlimited Sites
$39.99 per year$149.99 per year$249.99 per year

Learn more about FotaWP at: https://cozythemes.com/fotawp/ 


As the name suggests, BlockVerse is an FSE theme that is completely block-based. It uses the Gutenberg block to create an advanced website. The theme comes with many customizable options and has 12 pre-build ready-to-templates so that you can set up your website easily. BlockVerse is also liked by the WordPress audience as it has over 300+ active installations in just around one month of its release. A fantastic support team also backs them, so you won’t face any difficulties while building your dream website. BlockVerse also offers premium plans which is also very affordable and offers an abundance of feature for their price. 

BlockVerse cover


Single Site15 SitesUnlimited Sites
$49.99 per year$99.99 per year$149.99 per year

Learn more about BlockVerse at: https://walkerwp.com/blockverse/ 

Neve FSE:

Neve FSE is another popular FSE theme with high active installations and downloads. It is very popular among users for its clean design and simple user interface. It is an experimental sister theme of Neve, designed to use full-site editing without any extra complicated stuff. You can use it for all sorts of niches like blogs, small businesses, startups, and more. You can also choose from different styles of the theme.

Learn more about Neve FSE at: https://themeisle.com/themes/neve-fse/ 

Neve FSE cover


WordPress Full Site Editing represents a significant advancement in website customization, empowering users with unprecedented control and flexibility. WordPress Full Site Editing is a big improvement in website customization. It makes it easier for people to control their websites. You can edit your site in real time and change how it looks. Full Site Editing gives you more freedom to create your own unique website. You can make beautiful layouts and use custom templates. It helps you control the style of your whole site. This is a big change for WordPress. It will make website design better and WordPress even more popular for creating websites.

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