About Cozy Essential Addons

Cozy Essential Addons is a versatile WordPress plugin that provides a solid foundation for custom post types. It offers basic functionality, making it an ideal companion plugin for our products such as themes and plugins. It is not dependent on any specific theme or plugin, which means anyone can use it with their preferred products. With Cozy Essential Addons, you can extend the features and layout of your website without any coding knowledge. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free! So why wait? Download Cozy Essential Addons today and take the first step towards building a stunning website.

Custom Post Types:

CT Premium Patterns

You can access more than 50 free patterns with theme itself FotaWp  and we provide more than 80+ premium patterns with this plugin. With the stunning and most valuable patterns like woocommerce, magazine, dynamic content like team, testimonial, portfolio and more you can powerup your site as your requirement.

Adding Content List to Your site:

With Cozy Essential Addons, we offer you the convenience of using shortcodes to add basic list layouts to your website. Our shortcodes can be added anywhere on your site to list your data as per your requirements. As a developer, you have the flexibility to extend the code to meet your specific needs. You can find sample codes for our shortcodes in the plugins folder > cozy-essential-addons/publics/shortcode.php. 

Use these shortcodes to display your data on your website and make it more user-friendly:

Portfolio : [CEA_PORTFOLIOS]
Testimonials: [CEA_TESTIMONIALS]
Teams: [CEA_TEAMS]
Services: [CEA_SERVICES]
Promotions: [CEA_PROMOTIONS]


There are two ways to install the “Cozy Essential Addons” plugin:

1. Direct from the Dashboard

2. Upload Manually

Few FAQs:

Yes, the Cozy Essential Addons plugin is 100% free.

The Cozy Essential Addons plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes and allows you to display custom post types using its shortcodes.

If you are a developer, you can customize the code according to your requirements. You can find sample code in the ‘plugins’ folder at cozy-essential-addons/publics/shortcode.php.