“Cozythemes Demo Importer” is a free plugin released under GPL License designed to import Cozytheme’s demos . However, it is not intended to function independently or with other themes. Therefore, we do not recommend using this plugin with other themes or as a standalone solution.


There are two ways to install the “Cozy Essential Addons” plugin:

1. Direct from the Dashboard

2. Upload Manually

Importing Demos

Before attempting to import the demo, it is necessary to install one of our themes (recently on test) and the recommended plugins to ensure proper functionality. Once you have installed the theme and all the recommended plugins, goto > Dashboard > Appearance > CT Demo Importer > You will now see a list of available demos – choose the one you would like to import and click on the “Import” button. Please wait for the process to be completed. That’s all!”

Few FAQs:

Yes, the CozyThemes Demo Importer plugin is 100% free.

No, this plugin is specifically designed for the CozyThemes’s themes demo importer. We do not recommend using it with other themes or on its own.